Pokemon Week Day 1

Well, it more like Day 1 and Day 2.  This Momma lost a little of her motivation this week.  I have a feeling that we may try to make up for that…

During Superhero Week we were supposed to pain superhero banks.  We didn’t get to that activity and so I thought it would be a good idea to start off our week with Pokemon banks.  We had acrylic paints and Mason jars and once we settled on our Pokemon, we got to work.

Larger Blonde chose Talonflame (I think that’s who he settled on) and he is red and grey.  So, one half of his bank will be red and the other grey.  His red was coating pretty well although he was not terribly confident in his painting ability and so ask me to do touch ups when he was finished. We did get to his grey, and it will need another coat before we can begin painting the face.  I’m hoping they will be happy with the results.

Smallest decided on the only Pokemon he really knows – Pikachu.  To give his a little flair, I went with the gold.  This is where I learned a bit about paint glass.  You really should have glass paint.  Surely they make such a thing….  The gold went on but stayed fairly see through until I got about 5 coats on it.  Yep, I kept painting after Smallest went down for a nap.  I think his is finally ready for a face though.

We all took a trip to the library in the afternoon to get some books.  I was completely surprised to find that all but 2 of the Pokemon books had been checked out including the one movie they had.  Is someone else stealing my ideas?? Maybe we need to keep our trips to Saturdays….  Either way, it was pretty ironic that most were gone.  We did take the two that were there and enjoyed our walk in the sunshine.

Larger Blonde also started a Pokemon Drawing challenge that I found and I’m glad to see him expand on his drawing.  Usually he does the bare minimum when it comes to art so I’m glad to see him trying.

Day 2 for Pokemon week was a bit of a free day.  We are still waiting for our banks to be touched up and dry so hopefully on Day 5 we can finish them.  The boys played their leap pads and jumped in the trampoline.  It was a bit more tv than normal, but every now and again that is okay.  I’m going to try to modify some of our earlier games to fit with our Pokemon theme and I think we will be using the catapults and ping-pong balls.  Sounds like it could be fun right?

You can see what kind of Pokemon activities I had planned for here.  I’m hoping that I find my motivation soon…my not having any directly coincides with more disagreements from the boys and I would much rather encourage them to do activities together so they can learn how to play nicely with each other.

Lastly, since we did not earn our Self-Control badges last week, we are working on them again this week.  Things are going better so I am anticipating that we will be able to add those to our superhero capes at the end of the week.

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