Day 2 and 3 of Circus Week!

This day went a little better than I had thought it would.  I thought the Older Blonde would be bored with these activities.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Of course they both had to wear their superhero capes.

First we started with making trains out of shapes so I could get a little bit of work done.  Here are all of our shapes.


I made one as a sample to show them how things could work together.  I thought this might lead them to making other things out of their shapes, but Smallest quickly got bored with it so we moved on to the next activity fairly quickly.


It was time for buttons!  I drew lines on the papers for them to follow with buttons (it was really more for Smallest so he could work on his small motor skills).


Surprisingly, Older Blonde was having more fun with it.  The plus side is that it gave me more time to get some things done.


After that we did some color pages and some workbook pages and headed home for nap time.  Before the night was over we did some target practice in preparation for a circus game the next day.

However, I did not anticipate that things would go sideways.  How?  Well, the Older one had chores that he should be doing.  In exchange for these chores he could earn money based on how much he did during the week.  This has not been going so well.  While the list is posted at his eye level and he sees it every day, Older Blonde has not been so motivated to take advantage of this opportunity.  This am he was up at 6.  He spent his time watching cartoons he didn’t like (his words) while he waited for me to get up.

I think we have talked it to death – the whole doing chores for money.  We even gave him a mulligan – that if he forfeited the paltry sum he had accumulated over 2 weeks AND worked hard at getting chores done this week he could have 2 new Skylanders (mainly because it was buy one get one for $1).  Today is Wednesday and he has done 1 of his chores.  Just one.  In spite of being reminded of the deal and the chores.  Part of me wonders if he’s not ready for this (he’s 7).  Part of me wonders if we didn’t handle things right (because we are far from perfect parents) with this chore/allowance thing.  Part of me wonders if he’s lazy or normal.  Honestly, we haven’t found a way to really motivate him.  I’m hoping we find something soon.  It’s starting to drive me a little nuts.  Not that he won’t do what we ask him to….I think we get the normal amount of eye rolling and heavy sighing for that.  It’s the initiative that seems to be non-existent.  Like completely non-existent.  This goes for practice and schoolwork as well.  I’m starting to think it’s becoming a never-ending battle.

Anyway, sideways.  We spent a lot of time talking about chores and responsibility and by the time that was over, well, I was feeling a bit discouraged and irritated.  So, it was a free play day today and that’s okay.  Tomorrow is another day.

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