Day 1 of Circus Week

I know, two posts in one day!

Today is our first day of Circus Week!  I’m sure you are probably wondering how we decided on this theme and the only answer I have is something popped up in my Pinterest feed that looked fun and when I looked more, I found a whole bunch of fun things that we could do and so here we are!

We of course started our day with some workbook pages (and let Mom get caught up on the blog) and then we moved on to our first project – making tie-dyed shirts!

It was a little harder that I had thought it would be.  Mainly because our driveway is gravel and it was windy so the ground cover kept blowing up and rocks kept getting everywhere.  We decided to try to do a little Mickey Mouse on our shirts and a couple turned out.  Right now they are all in the wash for the final step.

So, here we are making our shirts!

Smallest was getting the shirt wet for me.   I did offer to put gloves on him so he could dye his own shirt, but he didn’t want to wear gloves.  No gloves, no dyeing.  That’s okay though.  He picked out colors while I did the coloring.  I didn’t do my homework ahead of time so I didn’t have any soda ash to soak them in first…in fact…I didn’t even wash them ahead of time <gasp!>.  Instead we just jumped right in.  Hopefully everything will turn out okay.  If not, we had fun doing it and we could always do it again.


Here is  Older Blonde adding dye to one of our shirts.  I suppose I should stop calling him Small Blonde…it gets kind of confusing with Small and Smaller Blonde… Anyway, Older Blonde took time to make sure that each dye was lined up in a particular order.  He had fun choosing color order.


Here the boys are doing their work today.


Here is part of our finished work.


Here are all of our shirts ready for sitting for the next 6 – 8 hours before rinsing.


Honestly, this took a little longer than I had thought it would.  They seemed to have fun.  Once we were done, they wanted to enjoy the day outside some more and played on their swing set until it was time for lunch.  After lunch it was nap time and after nap it was more outside play time.  Hey, if nothing else it pays to be flexible.  Although I really should have gotten out the stuff for the squirt gun races….Ah well…there’s always tomorrow.

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