Sorry for the delay – our last day of Superhero Week!

Friday was our last day for Superhero Week and I learned a lot!  Mostly that I over plan. That’s okay though – some of the things I didn’t get to can be used in other weeks with just a little re-imagining.  For example, we were supposed to make superhero mason jar banks.  We ended up not getting to them and so I think we will use them in our Pokemon week or maybe even space week instead.  All we need to do is paint them according to our theme.

On our last day of Superhero Week we finally got our logos designed and applied as well as our helpful badge for being helpful for the week.

This is CatFalcon.


This is SuperP.


We did our workbook pages and had some free play and jumping practice on the trampoline.  Then it was time for superhero bingo. This was a huge hit!  It was really good for the Smallest as he was learning how to match pictures and he caught on really quick.  We picked up some prizes at the dollar store (like coloring books, pinwheels, those little wash cloths that expand in water, and bubbles).  We even did a cover all at the end when Smallest started getting bored.  After Superhero Nap time, they wanted to play again even though there were no prizes involved.



Small Blonde and his dad played a coding game as well and that went over really well and he has been asking to play over and over again.


Our evening ended with a Boy Scouting Night at our local baseball park complete with fireworks.

On Saturday, our library had its kickoff for the summer reading program.  Since it was a beautiful day, we walked.  The boys wanted to wear their capes.


There were hot dogs, and a bounce house, and some outside games.

Here is Giant Jenga.


And a bean bag toss.


No prizes, but it was still fun and of course we headed in to the library to check out some books.  It’s no fun if you don’t get any books.  We also have a great children’s room and they had a couple of games set up in there and the boys took advantage of those as well.

Overall, I think it was a good week.  The boys had a good time and are looking forward to our next week where we will be working on Self-Control and the theme will be Circus!  I learned that I am not cut out to be a teacher and that I do over plan things.  However, that is not all bad because then I have back up activities in case something doesn’t work out or they breeze through it and are looking for more.

The big thing was that there wasn’t as much fighting.  There was still some because they are brothers and are still learning lots of things about getting along, however they weren’t as frequent.  When it came to bingo they helped each other and had fun.

I am going to call this a successful week and I look forward to Circus week!

If you want a look at the things we did, here is a link to my Pinterest Board for Superhero Week.  There are some super talented and creative folks out there who share their ideas and I am very grateful that they do so otherwise it would be more difficult for me to pull together this kind of stuff.  I thank them all.

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