Superhero Day 2!

Today was a bit of a blah day.  I had bigger plans than what I had time for.  I think this week will mostly be an experiment that I can tweak for the rest of the weeks of summer.  At least I’m hoping.

Two days a week I do go to work and I take the boys with me (before you think that it would be impossible to keep and eye on them and actually do work, I have a partnership in a long arm quilting business so if it’s quiet it’s just me in the shop).  As long as things aren’t busy, it’s not so hard to keep them occupied.  When it is busy, it’s a little more difficult.  Today was not a busy day so we were able to do some things together.  For these days, I plan more paper/drawing/coloring activities that they can do on their own.  Today I had some word searches, plus their workbooks, and some coloring pages.  We did a bit of exercise to get our day started and then got into the workbooks.

I took some time to make superhero logo puzzles out of colored craft sticks.  I lined the sticks up and then put painters tape on the back so I could do my drawing and then removed the tape.  Here’s the back.


Here are the fronts.  Please don’t laugh, I’m not the best artist….


In case you were wondering, the orange is Captain America, the red is Superman, the purple is Hawkeye, the green is Green Lantern, the yellow is The Flash, and the blue is supposed to be Batman.  As I said, I am not the best artist….

I pulled them out first thing when we got to work thinking that the boys could work together.  Smallest could sort the colors while Small could put the pieces in order.  Things did not work out that way.  Smallest preferred to drive airplanes over them messing up the pieces and that drove Small crazy because he wanted them all laid out perfectly.  He did say they were hard and I was glad, because I was afraid that they would be too easy and that they would get bored with them.

They each got their workbook pages done and Smallest reached a hard page and partway through decided he had enough and closed the book and walked away.  That’s okay.  We all have good and bad days.

I had plans for them to make superhero masks and pick their superhero name and we could work on a logo for their capes, but Smallest could not find his cape this morning and was a bit distressed so I put those activities off until tomorrow.  Instead they colored and Small Blonde decided that he wanted to be CatBat with a Cb on his cape so we will get that done tomorrow.  I’m not sure what to name the Smallest Blonde.  But I will have to come up with something tomorrow.

Today wasn’t a total bust, but I think the older boy was expecting more fun and less work.  He ended up with a bit of a double whammy because I set aside quiet time for him to work with his Perler beads on some superhero patterns we printed out together.  However, he couldn’t find the squares on which do his partners.  I was a little surprised, because I thought he knew where they were although his room is a mess and so I wasn’t completely surprised.  Instead of work on his fun craft he spent his quiet time cleaning his room looking for his square peg boards.  Some days truly go better than others.

We ended the day on a high note with pizza and a Spiderman movie so that wasn’t too bad.    It feels like we got a little off track today, although I think I just over planned the day.  Tomorrow we should have time to do more fun things and then I’ll feel like we are back on track even though we haven’t really gotten off of it.

We are still working on being helpful and I hope to work on a helping hands project with the boys tomorrow.  Our snowglobes should be ready tomorrow morning as well.  I think the boys will be excited to see their results and that should launch us into a good start to tomorrow.

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