Day 1 of Superhero Summer Camp at home.

Today was our first day of my Master Plan to have Summer Camps at Home.  This week is Superhero Week.

Today we had some fun.  With our library being closed today for the holiday, we took our weekly trip to the library a couple of days ago so we started off our morning with some workbook pages and reading our library books.  We had quite a bit of free play this morning also because of no library trip.

Things took a turn toward fun when we made our superhero capes.


They were very simple – made from t-shirts we picked up at Goodwill.  I really should cut the collar and add a velcro enclosure so it will break away.  Both boys wore their capes all day and I anticipate that they will be looking for them first thing tomorrow as well.  Smallest Blonde was disappointed that he couldn’t fly but they both spend a lot of time on the trampoline trying to fly.

After cape making, I made their first badge for the character building exercises we are trying to do.  This week we are working on being helpful and Small Blonde has been working really hard on being more helpful.  Smallest Blonde sometimes does what you ask him to, but he’s 3 so that’s pretty expected.

Here are the badges.  Small Blonde is excited about adding his to his cape at the end of the week, but we have a little more work to do yet.


Before we knew it, it was time for lunch and then Smallest Blonde was down for a nap. During nap time, Small Blonde had the opportunity to play a superhero video game but when his dad needed some help with a project outside, he gave up some of his gaming time to be helpful….hmmm….what a nice development.

Once nap time was over, we got to the other main projects for the day which consisted of making our superhero snow globes and superhero snack mix.

We picked up jars with lids and glitter at the dollar store and found a couple of superhero figures and baby oil at Walmart.  We glued their figure of choice to the inside of the lid and added our glitter and oil to the jar.

Small Blonde chose Falcon.


Smallest Blonde went with Captain America.


Here we added the oil after adding the glitter.  Small Blonde chose gold while Smallest Blonde went with pinkish/purple.

thumb_DSC_0171_1024 thumb_DSC_0173_1024

While we were waiting for the glue to cure, we started making our Super Hero Snack Mix. Here we are with all of our dry ingredients.  Really, it’s a modified Chex mix…because I like Chex mix and chances are that I will end up eating most of it.


We took turns adding scoops of our ingredients.

thumb_DSC_0179_1024 thumb_DSC_0181_1024

Next, we mixed everything together, added our butter and seasonings, and got it ready to bake!

thumb_DSC_0184_1024  thumb_DSC_0185_1024

Unfortunately, we burned it a bit.  However, we still ate some while we finished our evening watching Batman.

Tomorrow should be a new adventure and I hope it goes as well as it did today.


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