Today is the last day.

Today is the last day of school.  In light of the holiday weekend and our library being closed on Monday, we decided to take our trip to the library today.  We all renewed our library cards with the Smallest of All getting his first library card.  We are now going forward with our plan for summer camp at home and we start on Monday.  I’m a bit nervous because I’ve been building this up to the boys and I honestly hope I don’t disappoint them in this endeavor.

I have this daydream that it’s our best summer ever and we all do some serious bonding and have a super awesome time.  I’m not sure that it will go that well, but I’m at least hoping that we minimize the sibling arguments and have some fun while still learning something.

Our first week will be Superhero Week and we have picked up some superhero books during our library trip.  I also found this while on Pinterest.  There are some fun things there and definitely some harder character development concepts (like self-control) that we already try to practice at home.  However, since there are more lessons than days in the week, we’ll carry some superhero fun through a few weeks as we work on these.

Right now our schedule looks like this:

Monday we will be sure to do our workbook pages, and some reading, We will make superhero snow globes, start making our superhero capes, try some yoga (renaming things for superhero poses), weather permitting we will head outside to fly our gliders, and we will make some superhero snack mix (which will be a souped up version of Chex mix).

Tuesday we will also do our workbook pages, and some reading, design the superhero logos for our capes and finish them, some coloring pages, try to make superhero masks,  and do a little bit of drawing/story writing on what kind of superhero would you be?  What would your superpowers be?  How would you use them for good?

Wednesday we will again start off with worksheets and reading (sense a theme?), Nerf gun target practice, yarn obstacle course in the hallway, jumping practice on the trampoline, scavenger hunt (as a teamwork exercise), and superhero bingo.

Thursday we will do workbook pages, reading, make our own comic books, use blocks to build what our superhero hideouts would look like, popsicle stick puzzles, make a paper bag superhero, and some coloring/learning pages with a superhero theme.

Friday we will do workbook pages, reading, go on a nature walk with our capes and masks collecting things for a wax paper collage, make mason jar banks, popsicle stick superhero craft, and some batman science involving how to melt ice to save our superheroes (which I hope will prove to be another team work exercise).

I’m sure some days there will be too much and on other days there will be too little and I still need to come up with some kitchen ideas, but I hope to keep myself flexible so I can shift activities around as needed or include some quiet and free play/free time as needed.

Wish me luck as I hit the Dollar Store and Goodwill this weekend to pick up our supplies for the week!

I almost forgot!  If you would like to see the projects I’ve mentioned above, you can view my Superhero Week Pinterest board here.

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