Another writing prompt.

I had so much fun yesterday I thought I would do it again.  We are still staying status quo in the house so I’m hoping that will continue to be a positive.  I think tomorrow will see me being able to clear out the rest of the stuff in the front hall.  I’m kind of excited about that.

Today’s writing prompt is about objective criticism.  It says to create a list of objective criteria for evaluating a story and then critique a fellow writer’s work.  I don’t have work to critique so I’ll go with the criteria.

Offering objective criticism is difficult.  It is much easier to criticize something when you don’t like it.  It is also harder to criticize something that you do like.  However, critiquing is something very important to writers.  An objective critique offers a writer a way to grow and improve.  Criticism for the sake of criticism does not help the writer develop his craft.

If I were to create criteria for criticism, I would include the following:

Overly describing everything.  Let the reader use their imagination, they don’t need to be told every minute detail.

Using the word “said” for every line of conversation.  Developing strong character voices to make it easy to determine who is talking.  When I see the word said used in every conversation line, I find that the voices talking are not strong enough to stand on their own.

A series of sentences that all start with the same word.  If there are more than two sentences in a paragraph that start with the same word, one of them needs to be reworded.  Sometimes I am guilty of that myself and it bothers me even in my own work.

A lot of this is truly subjective and particular to me, but these would be on my list of criteria.  Of course, I may be off the mark on this one.

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