Feeling Defeated – Time for a new plan of attack.

I think it would be fair to say that over the last few months I have just given up. While I was doing pretty good for a while keeping the core area in a somewhat organized and cleared up state, I got behind. I got behind in a bad way. In fact I got so behind that I might a well have not done anything at all.

I will admit that I don’t care much for how that feels, that feeling of futility, of being overwhelmed, of being defeated.  It is not a fun place to be and I hope to not visit it again.  I know it sounds like it should not be that big of a deal, you just pick up and start over.  For me it is not that simple.  I get overwhelmed and it is paralyzing for me.  It overwhelming to have so much clutter and not have a plan to deal with it.

So, after getting my brain squared away, it is finally time to do what I need to do and get started all over again.  Yesterday was my Day 1.  It was fairly productive for a starting over day.  Once again I plan to work my way through the downstairs rooms before heading upstairs.

Where do I begin this time?  With the entrance to our home – our front hall where I was able to clear out the shoe “garage” and put away the spring/summer shoes and the other things that accumulated there that don’t belong.  Spring jackets were put away for warmer ones and I found a basket to hold the gloves and hats for the small people.  The floor got swept and the umbrella holder was found.

But I didn’t stop there.

I started up with the “Load of Laundry a Day Plan”.  I really do like that plan and I threw in a load of laundry to wash and dry.  Still a bit of Mt. Washmore to climb, but at Mary Poppins says, “Once begun tis half done.”

But I didn’t stop there.

We have been doing a lot of canning, pickling, and freezing vegetables and such from the garden.  We have brought home box after box of jars of tomatoes and beans and pickles, and relish and hot pepper butter and and and.  And it was hard to go through all the boxes to find what we needed.  So, my dear husband bought a shelving unit.  One, one shelving unit.  One shelving unit for boxes and boxes of preserves.  Anyway, the shelves are your typical garage shelving, they have holes in them and canning jars don’t sit very well on them so I emptied some boxes and broke them down to cover the shelves so the jars could sit on them as they should.  I believe that I was then able to shelve around 12 boxes of preserves.

After that I called it quits.  I figured that was a good enough start for Day 1.

If you struggle with the clutter like I do, I wish you the best and hope you can find your fresh start or the strength to keep going.


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