Have you seen my motivation? I’m still looking for it.

Well, parts of it have made its way home at least.  Mount Washmore is almost completely tackled and I have gotten better about trying to get one load of laundry done every day.  Currently I have 3 loads left to do before I get started on switching out the bed sheets.  Not too shabby.  It’s amazing how quickly laundry piles up, but I’m sure you have seen that happen in your own home.  I do like the one load every day idea.  (Thank you Flylady!)  When I was doing it regularly my loads of laundry were not overly large like they are now that I am trying to catch them up and I was able to get other things washed like blankets before being put away for the winter and change out the bed sheets more often.

Let’s see, what is my status so far.  Well, I’ll tell you that the outlook is not terribly positive.  The living room has still managed to survive even with a few bumps over the past few weeks and so has the reorganized pantry and my key and fruit station in the kitchen.  The dining room table has succumbed to clutter once again.  I’ll admit, we need to find a better way to store our mail instead of depositing it on the table and using it for a dumping ground for everything else.   How about that, I say it’s not positive but still point out I’m close to the status quo.  That really should be positive.

Because I became overwhelmed with having gotten behind and how much-needed to be done, I kinda quit for a couple of days.  And I moped.  Then, because this is just how I am, I picked myself up and began working on a microscopic project that really doesn’t affect anything.  For example, we have a (and don’t laugh) Closetmaid shoe organizer that we use for storing wine in our dining room.  Don’t worry, it is up on a Closetmaid two door cabinet where we keep games for Small Blonde and a two drawer unit so no children can reach said wine.  However, those little cubby holes are great for squirreling away other little things and we had been doing so on a regular basis.  Which leads me to the two drawers unit below the wine.  One drawer we use for hand-held gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS, their accessories, and their games.  The second drawer we were storing some DVDs of  Everybody Loves Raymond and House.  Yeah, we’re a little eclectic.  Anyway, my grand idea was to take those DVDs and put them with the rest of them (really why there were in that drawer I’m not sure) and use the now empty drawer to store gift cards  and school information and things of that nature that were in the wine cubby holes.  The sad part about this is that it took me a couple of days to do it.  Mainly because I only worked about 15 minutes or so at a time.  But, and this is an important But, it helped me to pull my motivation back from the edge of nothingness.

That is something that my dear husband doesn’t understand.  How overwhelming it is to see everything and not be able to do it all at once.  Plus it is a bit depressing.  So, I found a bit of my motivation and was able to do a microscopic project without him standing over my shoulder saying, why are you doing that when you are worried about this?  Instead, I just pointed it out to him when he got home so he knew where to put things and where to find things.  His response, “Cool.”.

Next up is Small Blonde.  He loves his GeoTrax and he received quite a good collection of them compliments of Santa.  Now he wants to get them out of his room and into the parlor where he can play with them.  However, this becomes a major project because there is no room for them.  So, he has been helping to pack up his wooden train tracks which we will put away for a while and he has gone through all his puzzles and decided which ones he is bored with doing so we can put those away for Little Red and he doesn’t quite realize it yet, but we will need to go through is toys further so we can bring down his GeoTrax where he will actually have room to play with them.    We haven’t gotten terribly far, but we have made a start on it and just need to keep going.  Don’t worry, he is very good at reminding us.

To that end I did another microscopic project in Small Blonde’s room.  Since he was clearing out the puzzles he wasn’t playing with, we cleared out the ones in his plastic 4 drawer unit, moved his games down to the games cabinet and then had two drawers open where he could put his Lego manuals and Lego magazines and a big drawer for the beginning of his Lego collection.  Yes, he is 4 and yes he has now started to follow the directions to make Star Wars Lego ships and whatnot and yes the boxes say for 7 and up.  Mainly he works on the small ones.  He has completed 4 sets and has them lined up on a shelf in his room that he can reach so he can still play with them.  I’m sure that he will graduate to the larger ones before too long.  Anyway, he now has somewhere that they can be put away.

Not to make you think that I have abandoned the downstairs rotation, I did go to work in the bathroom this week.  Mainly sweeping and reorganizing where the cat box (gradually so as not to freak out the cat) and the laundry sorter will hang out.  One more day in there and the cat box will be in its final spot and perhaps the sink, tub, and toilet can be cleaned tomorrow.  Then I’m sure it will be back to work on making sure those GeoTrax make it downstairs.  Small Blonde is good at reminding us that we are supposed to be working on that.  Maybe with Dad’s help we can get that accomplished this weekend.  One can only hope.

I know, those are small projects, but hopefully they will have some small impact and get the ball rolling for me again to get more decluttering done in the house.  It is garage sale season and I seem to be roaming the house looking for things to put in the sale when really what I need to do is just keep a box handy and drop things off as I find them.  I’m sure the box to go out will get much fuller that way.  I know my garbage can certainly does.

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