And so sometimes I hate holidays…

Wow, this has been a rough couple of weeks.  I was so proud of what was being accomplished and then it all turned into crap.  Yeah, I blame Easter.  After all that is the most recent holiday that came to pass.  Okay, it is not really Easter itself, just that it was a holiday and we had company – the kind of company that likes to bring lots of things with them when they come to visit.  Normally that is great, but then it’s trying to find homes for everything while still maintaining what has been started.  That didn’t go too badly.

Unfortunately, it was followed by all of us (except for Little Red) taking turns with some sort of intestinal bug.  I won’t go into any more detail than that except to say I’m thankful that it was fairly short-lived and that we all weren’t horribly sick at the same time.

The only things that survived intact was the top of the dishwasher and the pantry.  The living room is almost put back together and we can almost see the dining room table again.  At least we’re recovering.  I will admit that I am frustrated though.  I think it’s because this has been such a long-lived battle that I don’t want to take any time off from it and I don’t want to lose any ground I’ve gained.  I guess this is something I’ll just have to learn how to deal with because I’m sure it will happen again at some point.  Just hopefully not soon…

This week I’m moving into the parlor and next week it will be time to start the rotation over again.   I’m hopeful that since the living room has mostly stayed 5 minutes way from clean I can get into things like serious dusting and washing the walls and looking at touching up woodwork and updating the photographs on the walls.  I’m hoping that the parlor will go well as that is where Small Blonde’s toys are and I will be enlisting his help in small segments.  After all, he is old enough for chores and should learn better habits that I have.  It will certainly help him out later in life when he has his own place and his own family.


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