How are you sticking to your resolutions?

I would LOVE to tell you that I have been dead on perfect with mine, but I would really hate to lie to you (and myself).  However, I can tell you that we are continuing to make progress! The living room is still managing to stay within 5 minutes of neat.  That is huge for this family.  It’s so easy to think I’ll just do it later.  I’m really tickled that my dear hubby is being an active participant and doing his part as well.  That makes me optimistic that these new habits will stick and we can really begin to make some progress.  Plus the partially purged bathroom has not started to back slide.  All in all, it is a success thus far and is a huge confidence boost for me as we have lots more to accomplish.

Things have been a little on the busy side as we had Little Red baptized the weekend before last and now that I am completely caught up on family things, I have gotten cracking on the “Room of the Week”.  This week was the kitchen and I even have had help from my dear hubby!  So far we are making some really good progress.  The dishwasher is cleared off, which in Fylady terms is a hot spot.  Instead we now have chip and fruit baskets there and a pretty bowl for keys.  Now they have a designated spot so I should be able to keep better track of mine, as opposed to my coat pockets where they sometimes don’t make it.  The added bonus is that we can still see the top of the dishwasher and we can keep it cleared off of things that do not belong there.  Dear hubby started on the counter tops and made sure that all the dishes made it through the dishwasher and have been put away.

I started on the pantry – this old house has a butler’s pantry that should have built-in cabinets, but sadly does not.  I’m not even sure what they would have looked like as we have found no clues with regard to them.  There is definitely a space for it, just no clues Instead, we have a couple of Closetmaid cupboards and some cubes on top of them to give us better food storage.  It should be easy for us to pick up a shelving system and frame in a door so that we would once again have a built-in pantry that looks and functions better.  So, my next task is to start figuring out how to design said pantry so that can be built and I can maximize the space we have and perhaps even lighten the load in the kitchen.  The new pantry would have shelves that are almost twice as deep as what we have now.  That would certainly offer better functionality than we currently have and I could even move the baking pans from the awkward skinny weird cabinet.  I’m looking forward to that!

Thankfully there is Pinterest where I can go and start finding some ideas for organizing my pantry shelving and it should only be a weekend project to install it.  We do have some help and are fairly handy with power tools ourselves.  I’m very excited to get that project going so we can really see more of a difference.  Opposite those cabinets is a short counter and tall skinny cupboard which we have struggled to find a better use for.  It used to be our snack station – and of course it became a hot spot and open bags of chips would find their way to the bottom of the pile.  Now it is all nice and clean and is the home for hubby’s Soda Stream.  There is plenty of space there to have a nice uncluttered area for all the items he needs for his carbonated beverage needs.  Yes, we have a soda stream.  No, I don’t really use it so I can’t really comment on how well it works.  Hubby seems pretty satisfied and hasn’t bought any cases of soda since Christmas so that is a plus in its favor.

I now love to walk into my living room in the morning and see that the couch is clear and that the flat spaces are not full of junk.  Before I felt like I was carrying a lot of anger and frustration at how there was never any room to put anything and now matter how often it seemed like we straightened up it never seemed to look any better.  It’s amazing how that frustration can turn to anger and then be carried around with you making you feel stressed.  Who wants to walk around like that?  Certainly not me.  I want to get rid of those feelings and the only way to do that is to continue on the path we are on now.  I loved walking into the kitchen this morning to see those newly cleared off spaces that are becoming truly functional rather than being an eyesore storage space for crap.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that we could still purge more than what we have, but at least now we can easily see areas for improvement and continue to evolve.  After all, our needs change over time. What works for us now may not work in a couple of years.  I don’t believe that we will be changing everything again within 6 months, but as these boys grow and their activities increase I’m sure that we will be making tweaks to they system we are trying to establish.

It does take a while to make sure that habits become just that, a habit.  This is really going to be a long journey for our family.  I know in the end we will all be the better for it and I will feel less inclined to behead them when they leave something lying around.

Today is the last day to work in the kitchen for this week, but I should easily be able to tackle the rest of the pantry.  I doubt that we will really be able to tackle purging the kitchen cabinets this week, but we’ll work our way around to the kitchen again in a few weeks and maybe that will be the place to start next time.

Next week we will attack the dining room and see about bringing back the family dinner table once again!  I’m very excited about our progress so far and hope we can continue to make progress as we continue on this journey.

Oh, and not to forget about my Disney obsession I have been discussing with Small Blonde more about where he would like to stay this time around.  Of course he has an opinion and I’m lucky that it is the same as mine at this point.  I think it’s time to get out the planning dvd and let him take a look around the different resorts and see what kind of input he has.  He loves to talk about Disney so this would be a fun family “movie” night for us.  Or at least me and Small Blonde.    Hubby would probably prefer Iron Man, something from the Food Network, or perhaps some Duck Dynasty.

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