Sometimes it just escapes me.

Finding motivation can be difficult sometimes. I can stand in the middle of my pack rat hell and see a million things to do and it’s just too much. So, I sit on the couch and pull out a book or my computer and otherwise occupy my mind. Other days motivation pays a visit and I can easily spend an hour or more feeling productive.

The bad thing about living in pack rat hell is that even after an hour or better of being productive you can still stand in the middle of any given room and feel like there are still a million projects demanding your immediate attention.  I’m hoping that this is a transition phase.  Transition from pack rat hell to a well-loved, lived-in home.  I’m not looking to create a minimalist environment (although it has crossed my mind to just pitch everything except the basics into a dumpster), just a home where everything has a place to go to rather than being piled up wherever there is room.  Believe me we have a long way to go.

So, I’ll continue to look for motivation wherever it has relocated to and hope that it finds me more frequently than it currently does.  I know this sounds like a lot of whining, and it is not my intent to come across that way.  In all seriousness living in pack rat hell is very overwhelming.  Combine that with a small child and all the additional clutter that is picked up through various Christmas/Birthday/Just Because gifts adds another layer.  We’re not hoarders.  Watching that show just gives me the creeps and is one reason that I’m on this journey in the first place.  I would never want it to be so bad that you have to walk on piles of garbage to get to other places where you are still surrounded by piles of garbage.  No, we are (thankfully) not that bad.  But periodically I watch that show to help keep me going.

As I sit debating on motivation and what I think I would like to work on, I do have a 2 large garbage bags full of clothes ready to go to Goodwill and 3 boxes of miscellaneous kitchen supplies that need to be cataloged before they are ready to go to Goodwill as well.  That is a good feeling.  Seeing tangible items getting readied to leave our home and never return gives me a sense of progress.

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