Proud of myself today and Pack Rat Hell gets a little lighter.

I’ve been feeling pretty blah lately and not very motivated. Yesterday I felt pretty guilty for not feeling motivated and not doing anything and told myself that today would be different. This morning I felt the same – not motivated. At. All. However, I decided that it was time to just start moving and get done whatever I felt I could. So, I managed to work for almost 3 hours!

What did I get done? Well, we have a small trunk and a large steamer trunk. The small trunk isn’t really large enough for our sweaters and sweatshirts and were kind of piled on there with other things that didn’t go there. I cleared off that steamer trunk and folded and put away our sweaters and sweatshirts. I even found a few (okay, at least half a dozen) that I didn’t like or didn’t fit and could go out the door.

That just didn’t feel like enough, so I thought to tackle the top of my dresser. Lots of things piled up there. Things to be hung things I wasn’t quite ready to get rid of, just a general pile of clothes. So, I got some empty hangars from the closet and started to go through the pile. Lots of stuff made it to the out the door pile. And, while I was getting hangars out, I thought it would only take a few minutes to grab those things that have shrunk in the wash and don’t fit so well any more and many of those made it to the out the door pile. Plus I have some empty hangars and no need to go buy anything to fill them. I can use them to start hanging some of my husband’s clothes and while doing that I can go through the rest of the closet to make sure that everything I don’t want is purged. Shouldn’t take too long to do that. Especially since I’ve gone through half of it already! Took a little break for lunch and thought I really should finish up that pile of clothes and managed to get through it all.

Next, because of course I can’t stop here, I decided to go through my jewelry box. Yep, lots of stuff in there I can get rid off. Stuff I haven’t worn in years if at all. Don’t worry, there wasn’t anything terribly exciting. All costume, but still lots of stuff that I don’t need. Once that was all cleared out I could empty my jewelry drawer and put all of that in my newly cleaned our jewelry box. Now I have a nice empty drawer in my dresser and I can spread out some things that will make it much nicer. Whew! That was quite a lot for one day. Wa more than I thought that I would get to. The best part is that I have a whole uber-large tub of clothes to send out the door. I’m proud of myself today for getting back on track and making my pack rat hell just a little bit better than it was before.

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