A small confession

When little man was much smaller and not as mobile, he had a little blue sparkly dragon that would ride in the car seat with him.  We simply called him dragon.  Then dragon developed a hole and took a siesta on top of the piano until he could be stitched.  It’s been over a year since dragon took his rest.  Now the little man is starting to get into dragons and I’ve been eyeballing the blue sparkly stuffie on the piano.  Until the other night.  Then I started to feel guilty.

It’s not like the little man doesn’t have more toys than he knows what to do with and had been missing dragon.  I’m not sure that he even knew dragon was missing.  Then we sat down to watch one of his favorite movies, Toy Story 2.  In the first one Sid and Scud kinda scare him and in 2 we get to meet Jessie who absolutely cracks him up.  She is one of his favorites.  Anyway, after Woody is shelved for a tear in his arm and sees Wheezy who has been shelved for a long time with a broken squeaker, I started to feel guilty about dragon sitting on the piano waiting for repair.  So guilty that I had to stop what I was doing and get some needle and thread and perform the surgery needed to bring dragon back into the play world of the little man.  My reward was a “thank you” and dragon slept in bed with the little man.  This is quite an honor considering little man does not bond much with stuffies.  We have a tub of stuffies and he likes one, Cheeky Bubbles, who sleeps with him every night.  Dragon received quite a place of honor and I got to get rid of some guilt (and a project that I’ve put off for longer than I should have).

I’ve also had this crazy idea about using dragon for some inspiration.  I had always thought that little man and dragon would be great buds and that it would be a great premise for children’s books – boy and dragon going on adventures when boy is supposed to be sleeping and boy thinking it all a dream until he wakes up and finds some evidence that they were more than dreams.  I guess my guilt has morphed a little bit from repairing dragon to actually sitting down and writing about dragon.  Now that dragon is back in the world of play, I find myself thinking about their story again and I’m torn about finding time to write, cleaning the house and all the other lovely things I like to do in my “spare” time.

I have a feeling though, that dragon won’t let me go.  After all, he’s been percolating here for a year in the form of a series.  Dragon has probably waited long enough.

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