Am I the only one?

Who else is kinda happy that the holidays are over?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas.  Especially when there is snow on the ground and I don’t have to drive in it.  However, it seems like you have to be on your best behavior for days on end and there is always more food than can possibly be eaten not to mention the new stuff.  I love getting presents, but I love the giving more than the getting.  I enjoy the shopping and picking out those special things that you just know the recipient will love.  For me, that is just the best feeling.

However, I’m glad it’s all over so I can now make sure that there are no bags of wrapping paper waiting to go out in the trash and find homes for all the lovely gifts for myself, the hubby and the little man.  Considering I still live in pack rat hell, I’ve done pretty good about getting my stuff put away.  Things are unboxed, assembled and have found their new places.  At least until I decide it’s time to rearrange again.

The best news has to be that dear hubby is now going in to work earlier.  That means that I get a whole hour to myself in the mornings!  Last week I spend the time lounging on the couch wondering why I really was awake that early in the morning (morning person I am not!) but this morning I had some quality time in my craft room working on crocheting an afghan.    Nice quiet time where I didn’t have to have the tv on if I didn’t want.  Time where I could do something and not have to rush through it.  Just time, glorious time.

I also feel pretty confident that this holiday season we got rid of more things than we brought back home.  That is a definite plus to this holiday season.  Now, it is time to get back to the grind and continue the move out of living as a pack rat.  The current project is to turn a spare bedroom into a toy room for the little man.  It will certainly help the living room to move the bulk of the toys out of there.  However, there is one small dilemma.  The fish tank.  Yes, we have a fish tank – it’s empty.  At least for now, and that is the dilemma.

We’ve run quite a gambit on pets.  Dogs, cats, parakeets (which was an adventure itself), hermit crabs and fish.  I have to say that of the smaller non fur-bearing critters, I enjoyed the hermit crabs the most.  I wouldn’t mind those again.  Anyway, I know hubby will want to clean out the fish tank and get more fish.  The trouble is that while the little man likes to watch the fish, someone will need to take care of the tank.  That is the dilemma.  Yeah, it’s just fish, you sprinkle some food in the tank daily and you’re pretty good to go.  It’s keeping the tank clean that gives us the most trouble.  How in the world do people keep their fish tanks clean?  I’m sure we probably over feed and that makes for a mess in the tank, but our tanks never have that well-kept, clear water appearance that they should.  We’ve picked up books and read about what you’re supposed to do, but it never seems to work for us.  That makes me hesitant to start up the fish tank again.  It will just get to be ugly and we’ll give up on it. 

Of course there’s a long way to go before we really get to that point…..

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