Goodwill here we come!

Finally found some time in the morning and got my Goodwill stuff together.  The really happy part was that as I was getting it all together I found 2 more boxes of stuff that I had put aside to go!  Yea!  Two more boxes ready to go out the door.

The unhappy part is that sometimes the clutter overwhelms me so much that I think I’m going to have a breakdown.  I seriously just cannot live like this any more.  For some reason these things don’t seem to bother my husband as much.  I’m not sure why, I don’t know if he doesn’t see it they way I do or if it’s a case where he just doesn’t care about it as long as there is food in the house and clean clothes to wear.  I mean seriously you can’t see the dining room table and when you bring in the mail you just drop it there?  Really the extra few steps to the trash can for the junk mail (and really isn’t most of it junk mail anymore?) are too much to do?  I love that he carts the laundry downstairs and puts it through the washer/dryer and loads the dishwasher, really I do.  However, I would like for him to pick up after himself too.  Is that really too much to ask?  To put things away when he’s done and close the kitchen cabinet doors?  Yes, there have been days where I’ve walked in the kitchen and at least half of them are open.  Oh, and the light on as well all while he’s sitting comfortably in the living room watching tv.  I used to envision that there must be some sort of force field around them that prevents them from being closed and so I used some force to close them all.  Still happens though, God love him.

I’m very excited that my second floor area is starting to get cleared out.  I managed to get most of it taken care of.  Still a few things left, but mostly ready.  Next will be to get the front hall ready for the secretary to be moved down.  I’m very excited about that because it means that I’ll soon get to start using my elliptical.  Not that I really have time to use it, but I know I need to.

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