Happy Halloween!

Hopefully everyone is coming down from their sugar high.  We’ve got a small pile of the little man’s haul from tonight.  I’m sure that it will last us quite a while as none of us are big candy eaters.  We had fun though.  The Little Man (he’s 2) caught on to the idea of trick-or-treating pretty quickly and we were surprised to see how many homes did not have candy.  There was a place mat, microwave popcorn, wooden car and a bouncy ball.  Quite a nice variety.

No news on the house cleaning.  Well, I should say not much news.  My dear husband was able to clear out the back yard for winter clean up unfortunately I wasn’t able to get things together inside like I wanted to.  Although I did get to switch out the Little Man’s clothing and box up the items that are too small.  I’m thinking tomorrow I will start logging and boxing the items I have that are ready to go to Goodwill.  Getting more things out of the house is always a good thing!  I hate when it seems like every time I have a plan to get ahead things go funny and I never get back to it or I have to switch gears.  My current project has been to revamp my craft room.  I’ve gotten rid of my oversized desk and found a smaller one  and have rearranged all my supplies by craft and purged some things I don’t use and more and made my space so much more livable.  I still have lots of little things to do, but I should be able to wrap it up soon.  Providing that I don’t get sidetracked by something else that needs to be done…

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