Ahhh, mornings.

I hate mornings.  I mean I really despise having to be roused from a nice warm bed from some serious shut-eye time.  Unfortunately duty calls and I must rise and trundle off to work despite my aversion to being in a vertical position before 9 am.  My son has apparently developed the same aversion to mornings.  If you try to talk to him when he first wakes up he just yells at you and sometimes this phase lasts a little longer in the morning.  This is a bit of a catch has we need to trundle him off to the sitters and he likes to give some input regarding his clothing choice for the day.  We spend a lot of time not talking in the mornings, just looking at each other with bleary eyes wondering if at some point the sleep will balance itself out or counting the days until the weekend when my husband and I can take turns letting the other sleep in.  Sure we could go to bed earlier, but after being at work all day and getting the little guy off to bed it’s nice to have some together time in the evenings.  I suppose that it is a small price to pay.  After all, there’s always coffee.

Otherwise, things are pretty bland.  It seems like countdowns to Christmas are popping up everywhere.  No matter how much I try to prepare in advance for the holiday (after all, it happens the same time every year so it’s no surprise) it seems like things always come down to the last-minute.  This year I actually have a  good start to things – we’re about halfway done if not a little more.  I just need to make a list of those things we’ve already picked up so we can see what holes need to be filled in.  I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to finish our Christmas shopping soon after Thanksgiving.  It seems little wrong to have it done before then.  Jealous?  Don’t be.  I’m usually not this organized.  This is quite out of character for me.

In fact, I think that I’ll take this opportunity to admit that we are huge pack rats.  Not on a hoarder level, but bad enough that it’s driving me crazy.  I’ve been steadily working on getting rid of things this year.  I’m nowhere near where I would like to be with the clean out, but something is better than nothing and we’ve made three large drop-offs to Goodwill.  By large I mean over 100 items.  I’ve got the start on another one, but I need to get it all listed out and boxed up.  Charitable donation and taxes you know.  Otherwise I would just drop it all in large trash bags or boxes and ride off cackling into the sunset.  Okay, not really but I do feel like laughing after making a drop off.  In a yay-we-got-rid-of-more-stuff sort of way.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to fill in Christmas gifts with things I’m clearing out.  It’s not bad stuff, just stuff that we’ve never used or maybe bought for gifts and then put away and forgot about.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’m making good on my first goal.  One more entry before Sunday to help me establish a habit for writing.  Now I’ll have to think of a new goal for next time.

Happy morning to you – well at least I hope it’s a happier morning than mine.


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