Dear Self, are we really doing this?

Just me, back again and learning my way around.  The truth is that I would dearly love to write a novel.  Delicious words pouring from my mind to the page in combinations that astound even me.  Unfortunately those delicious words are not pouring from my mind to anywhere let alone a page where I could refer to any of their glorious combinations.  If I had to claim that this blog has a purpose, it would be that place where I could drop my word combinations for easy referral.  That sounds so bizarre doesn’t it?  A storage place for word combinations?  What kind of word combinations do I think I’ll be storing here?  It sounds much better to say a place to practice writing.  Yes, that’s much better, a place to practice writing. 

I suppose I should confess to the type of literature I love to read.  I’m certain that my “delicious” phrasing above would lead one to conclude that I am a reader of romance which is far from the truth.  I confess that I do enjoy the occasional chick-lit novel, especially if it is by Sophie Kinsella, but my preference lies in magic and dragons and the realm of fantasy.  I rarely admit in public that as an adult of over 30 years I read fantasy and if I do have the nerve to admit it I usually follow with a disclaimer along the lines of, “I live in reality so I don’t want to read about it.”  I guess that is because I’ve always gotten strange looks from others about my favorite genre as if I’ve suddenly morphed into a giant nerd standing in front of them and we no longer have anything to talk about because I’m weird.  I’ve been “weird” for a long time and just hiding out in mainstream society looking for others like me.  Many others that share the same love are open about it and I’m not sure what stops me from being just as open.  I guess now that I’ve posted this online that I’m not really hiding it anymore.  Just promise that if you see me on the street you won’t run screaming because I’m some giant nerd.

Well, I believe that is a good enough start for tonight.  Perhaps I should start setting some goals as well.  Then if anyone does come along to read my ramblings, they can help keep me honest.  I’ll set my first goal to write 2 more posts before Sunday is over.  That sounds much more reasonable than trying to blog every day even though I should if I really do want to write.  I think though that I’ll just ease myself into this and then should I post daily I will have something to boost my confidence.

Until next time…

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